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The Succesful Bookkeeper Podcast – Episode 399

Welcome to a special episode celebrating Canadian Bookkeeping Week!

During this conversation, Michael talks all things bookkeeping with a special panel of guests. Karolina Francis of KNF Consulting, Jonathan Carter of Kata Accounting and Melissa Lenos of King Business Solutions lend their unique perspectives to an insightful discussion about what it means to be a bookkeeper.

The hardest part of any business is working with people, but it is also the best part. Our people are our success. Without them we have nothing, so the more effort we put into our relationships, the greater the impact and return.

As bookkeepers, we want to see success for our clients. If they win, we win. And yet it can be hard to find the right people for us. What makes us a great bookkeeper might not make us a great leader, marketer, or coach. The panel talks about the value of finding people to work with whose personalities are congruent with our own.

If you are struggling to keep pace with changes to the industry and technology, not sure how to know who you want to work with, or just want some incredible tips from industry experts, let the stories in this episode guide the way.

During this interview, you’ll learn…

  • Tips for a more successful bookkeeping business
  • How to forge lasting connections for lasting success
  • What it means to thrive in change¬†
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