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Lindsay Bysterveld

Student, Accounting Bookkeeping Certificate 
Okanagan College
Duncan , British Columbia

Why did you study to become a Bookkeeper?
I chose to study bookkeeping initially for my love of numbers and problem-solving skills. I am also a detail-oriented individual which have great benefit in this field of work, so I felt a natural connection to the Profession. 

As I looked further into a career in bookkeeping it became obvious to me that there are many benefits to becoming certified in bookkeeping.  Bookkeeping offers many opportunities in a variety of settings and industries.  The demand for bookkeeping will continue as businesses will continue to have a need for skilled people to manage their financial records accurately. 

The many options for employment, self-employment, remote work opportunities and the ability to contribute to the success of businesses is also part of the reason I chose to become a bookkeeper.

Why do you believe bookkeeping and/or accounting is such an important business?Bookkeeping plays a crucial role in the success of businesses.  Accurate record keeping is the foundation to understanding the financial health and vitality of the business.  Without accurate record keeping, making decisions for the business can cause more harm than good.  When the records are accurate and up to date the overall picture of the health of a business is much clearer, allowing for more informed decision making. We can also offer advice to our clients in a timely fashion when decision making is required, and all the financial records are up to date.

I believe bookkeepers play a vital role in assisting business to understand and comply with tax laws and compliance requirements that come along with running and operating a business.  This is very beneficial to business owners in the case of auditing and regulation requirements.

In my opinion bookkeeping is integral to the financial success of a business offering an accurate financial picture, assisting with compliance, assisting in decision making and maintaining overall accountability.

What are the next steps for you in your career?
I am currently working from home for a local virtual bookkeeping company, Karve Solutions and working towards my CPB designation.  I will continue to work in this industry as I have gained so much valuable insight into the bookkeeping profession, I really enjoy this work.