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The Bookkeeping Panel

Main Points of Discussion:

  • What education do you need
  • A day in the life of a bookkeeper
  • The difference between working in bookkeeping vs accounting
  • Compensation & Salary
  • What firms are looking for when hiring
  • Potential career paths for a bookkeeper (Employee vs Independent)

Our Panellists: Kasey Field, CPB; Danielle Gadoury, CPB & Mel Pigozzo, PCP, PLP

Danielle Gadoury

Danielle has been doing bookkeeping since 1988. She started her own company D & D Professional Services, in 2016, which now has two employees. In 2017, she joined CPB Canada and gained the CPB Designation. She has been serving as a Regional Network Chair for the association in the Windsor, ON, region, helping to spread bookkeeping knowledge and foster a sense of community.

Danielle takes pride in being a reliable support for her clients, helping them understand how to operate a thriving business by focusing on working ON it, not just IN it. Firmly believing that teamwork DOES make the dream work, she strives to train and motivate others to become proficient bookkeepers or improve their existing skills. Always willing to share her knowledge with others, she is eager to sit on this Bookkeeping Panel!

Mel Pigozzo

Mel Pigozzo, a seasoned bookkeeping professional and dedicated educator, holds a Master of Education Degree, an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration & Accounting, and esteemed certifications, including the Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) and Payroll Leadership Professional (PLP) Designations. With diverse experience in public accounting, non-profit, and private enterprises, Mel’s expertise spans full-cycle accounting, payroll management, and financial reporting.

Currently a part-time Bookkeeper at Baker Tilly REO LLP and an Accounting Professor at Durham College, Mel uniquely bridges industry practice and education. Throughout a dynamic career, Mel has excelled in diverse roles, from Accountant to Bookkeeping Supervisor to Accounting Manager, contributing to organizations’ financial health.

As an advocate for the bookkeeping profession, Mel is eager to participate in discussions about education, daily bookkeeping life, career paths, and more. Join Mel in exploring the future of bookkeeping!

Kacey Field

Kasey Field is a highly skilled and experienced Lead Bookkeeper with MNP, a renowned accounting firm.  With over nine years of experience in the industry, Kasey has established herself as a trusted professional in the field of bookkeeping and accounting. She earned her CPB (Certified Professional Bookkeeper) designation in 2015, showcasing her expertise and commitment to excellence in her field.

Kasey holds an accounting diploma from BCIT and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree to further enhance her knowledge. Prior to joining MNP, Kasey successfully ran her own bookkeeping firm, where she provided exceptional services to a diverse range of clients.  Her dedication and commitment to delivering accurate and efficient financial solutions have earned her a stellar reputation in the industry.

Outside of her professional life, Kasey is a devoted mother to two daughters and shares a loving relationship with her husband. They reside in picturesque Maple Bay on Vancouver Island, where Kasey takes full advantage of the Island’s natural beauty. She enjoys exploring the outdoors on her paddleboard, spending quality time with her family and nurturing her passion for continuous learning in the field of Accounting.